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John Lorenzo
54 Aqueduct Av
Secretary-Colonial Collectors Club (C4)
Midland Park, NJ 07432-1506
United States

US COLONIALS: Questions,trade,sell,buy or talk

Currently I am secretary of the Colonial Collectors Club of Amemerica. We are currently about 2,000 members nationwide and growing.If you have an interest in colonials or wish to buy and sell any you may have drop me an E-Mail and I will try to respond to you within 24 hours. If you are looking for a particular colonial E-Mail me your requirements.I will at time list some colonials for sale but this will come about in Jan. or Feb. of 1999. I just created this web-site on Nov.8 1998.The American Numismatic Society in New York just put on a conference on contemporary counterfeits as part of their COAC program. Contact them for a copy of the proceedings. I was a speaker at this conference and with the Curator of Modern Coins at the ANS introduced a new series of counterfeits. Visit the UNIVERSITY of Notre Dame education web page on colonials for more information and find my name in certain areas of research on this web site.Remember-any colonials for sale or any inquires on what is it? Drop me a line.I will be selling coins on E-Bay as of January, 1999.

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